About the Monster GO DJ System

Although the GODJ does not run on Android or iOs, it does run on its own application. We have one single application managing all the operations including boot sequences through music playback  There are many advantages to running your system without the need for an OS.

  1. Faster boot times

  2. More stability

  3. Shorter delay times from the hardware

From the moment you press the power button, GODJ takes only two seconds to power on and play music.  Since there is no other applications running on the system, GODJ is very stable and will never crash or freeze.  By directly monitoring all hardware elements such as touch panels and knobs, GO DJ operates under very short delay times between the hardware and software.  For example, a delay time for a sampler pad (the duration between touch and sound coming out) is incomparable with Android or iOs based Apps.

Watch how you can use your Android and iPhones along with GO-DJ!

What’s Required:
1 Monster GO DJ
1 Speaker
2 AUX Cables

1.  Play music from your phone and connect it to “Line In” on the GO-DJ.
2.  Select Line-In as your library source on the GO-DJ.
3.  Press Play after Line-In is detected

Want to learn more about GO-DJ?  Check out our previous post.

Ready to buy GO DJ?  Visit our shop here (http://monstergodj.com/shop)

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      1. Alejandro

        Genial una pregunta, tengo un problema uno de los discos suena más despacio que el el otro inclusive si esta al máximo es como un problema de balance como podria configurarlo para que ambos suenen el mismo volumen

  1. Dj_Dabster

    Guten Tag.
    Ich habe ein problem mit sync.Wenn ich ein Lied abspiele und möchte ein zweites dazu syncronisieren dann nimmt das 2 .te Lied die geschwindiggkeit an das sollte ja so sein….aber es passiert auch wenn die songs zu langsam laufen.
    Und bis die syncronisation stimmt dauert es lange.

    1. JD SOUND

      Hi, DJ Dabster
      Hi, this is Jimmy and manager of Sales, JD SOUND Inc.
      you will off to GODJ turn table auto sync.
      If BPM is different between the beginning and the end of the BPM, BPM analyzes only the beginning part.
      auto sync is a Located at the top(right, left) of the turntable screen.
      Thanks and regards,

    1. JD SOUND

      Dear Richard

      Back of your GODJ, you can see a small hole.
      Please charge the machine during 30 minutes ~ 1 hours and push the hall by the pin.
      Then, your GODJ will be reset and start based on normal charging.

      Thanks and regards,
      Aaron Koh(aaron@jdsound.co.kr)

    1. JD SOUND

      Dear. Terry

      Hello, This is jimmy, I am change of Sales for JD Sound.
      I will send you E-mail.

      Thanks and regards.

    1. JD SOUND

      Dear. Reyhan

      This is Jimmy, I am charge of sales for JD Sound.
      You can make the volume of the headphones larger by adjusting the volume knob.


  2. Greg Garrison

    Just got the lite unit for Christmas. I’m trying to find out how to set the unit so when I start either side, there is no delay in starting. Even with a accurate cue point, it seems to always start a half second after I hit play and not be in sync as I am starting a mix. I have searched through the options, what do I need to change to get an instant start with a cued up track?? Please help!!

    1. JD SOUND

      Dear. Greg Garrison

      GODJ has a setting program that starts at the CUE1 point.

      you can GODJ Setup screen -> click control 4 times, move to control4 screen -> and auto cue setting value change to CUE1 or first sound.


    1. JD SOUND

      Hello Kent,

      GODJ Rec is used to store only the files which were recorded by GODJ.
      You are able to store the files, but since the function only allows this particular type, it will not appear on your device.
      We would recommend you to use the internal device and SD card, and use a bigger SD card if necessary. (~2TB is available.)
      If you have any other inquiries, you can always contact us through this site or cs@jdsound.co.kr

      Have a nice day.

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