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How to load Sample Packs into GO►DJ

Hello GO-DJ Users!

Many of you have asked for help trying to load in sample packs into your GO-DJ.  In this tutorial, I will teach you how to load in the sound packs provided from the official Monster goDJ website.

In this example, I will download and install “Drum Sample Pack” from
Download File:  Drum PAD Samples

Activate USB Storage Mode on GO-DJTo do this, go to your Settings (1) Tab and slide the “USB storage mode” switch to ON.
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-If you see this screen, you are on the right path!
-Now connect your USB cable from your GO-DJ to your computer.STEP THREEOnce GO-DJ is connected to your computer, Click on ‘GODJ Drive’


Next you will click on the folder “Samples” in the main directory of your ‘GODJ Drive’ as shown below:

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In this example, we are loading pad sounds so we will enter the ‘pad’ folder.
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-If you are installing guitar sounds, click on the guitar sounds and unzip your folders here.
-If you are installing keyboard sounds, click on the ‘key’ folder and unzip your keyboard folder here.

Use any utility ZIP application to unzip your files.  If you do not have a zip extractor, you may download
Winzip from their official website:

Next unzip “PAD Drum Pack” and unzip this file onto your computer.

A new folder called ‘samples’ will be created where “PAD Drum Pack” was downloaded.

Open ‘samples’ folder.
Next Open ‘pad’ folder.

You should now see many folders like the image below.
Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.43.31 PM

Extract these files to the pad folder of your ‘GODJ Drive’

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.49.40 PM


Once files have been transferred, you may now exit USB mode on your GO-DJ by pressing Cancel.



Your GO-DJ should now reboot.  Now swipe to your Drum Pad screen and click on the right arrow after the word ‘Default’

Congratulations you have successfully installed your drum pad sounds!

If you have any questions, you may join our Facebook club and ask any questions there.

Happy mixing everybody!

-GO DJ Team