Introduction to Monster GO-DJ

Welcome to the official blog for Monster GO-DJ.  GO-DJ is a portable DJ controller and music studio that fits in your pockets and can be operated anywhere!  Much like an iPod, GO-DJ is lithium ion battery powered but is loaded with a wide variety of tools for the modern musicians and DJ’s out there!

“What can it do?”
You can mix, record, scratch, play the guitar, play the piano, or even produce your own beat with our touchscreen sampler.  Imagine if your MP3 player record your voice, play two tracks at once, hold hundreds of thousands of songs, and allow you to produce music anywhere you want.  That is GO-DJ.  Imagine your whole music studio shrunken down and made portable so you can stay close to the music at all times.

“Who would use it?”
Aspiring DJs:  Will use to learn the basics of mixing and music production.
Veteran DJs:  Perhaps you travel a lot or are looking for a solid backup to your current system, GO-DJ will be extremely useful in all occasions for all DJ lovers.
Recording Artists:  Because there is a mic-in jack and headphone jack, singers and vocalists are now able to play instrumentals and record a track with their voice virtually anywhere.
I Don’t DJ:  Don’t DJ?  No problem.  GO-DJ has a feature called Auto DJ mode which basically does all the mixing for you.  You can choose to randomize your playlist or set it by your own playlists.

“Where is the music? Can I plug in my hard drive to it via USB?”
No you cannot plug in your USB drive or hard drive to GO-DJ for more storage.  GO-DJ has a 4GB internal storage as well as an SD slot that can support up to the largest SD card out on the market (expandable up to 2 TB).  Since all your music is stored inside the unit, GO-DJ is now even more portable and lighter for all your music storage.

“How big is it?”
You must be wondering about the size.  GO-DJ is roughly about the size of two iPhones.  Because our device is lightweight and doesn’t require you to be plugged into an outlet, you can take GO-DJ just about anywhere and rock a party unexpected at any given moment.  (Follow us on Instagram for photos on where we take our parties)

“Why not just buy an app on my phone or something?”
A lot of people ask us why they shouldn’t just buy an app for a few dollars that can do similar things.  We have so many logical reasons why you shouldn’t but the main reason is that controlling your music with analog control and a REAL crossfader is so vital to mixing your music.  Having two color LCD touch screens in addition to that is a bonus!  We like having full tactile control and we know you will too!

“I could just buy something cheaper.  Why should I buy this?”
While there are cheaper options that are out there, there is no controller that can do what GO-DJ can do.  And that is to be a complete music studio that fits in your pocket.  In the world of portable DJ controller technology, you still typically need both a laptop and a power outlet.  In the advent of the headphone and portable speakers lovers, GO-DJ is the perfect compliment for the modern generation of music lovers.

“It looks like a toy.  How can I take this to my gig?”
Despite the size, GO-DJ is actually quite a serious tool with over 200 different functions.  However we do not recommend that you use our device to replace any traditional systems.  GO-DJ is a great introductory instrument to DJing but also serves as a serious backup solution for all the vinyl and CDJ DJ’s out there.

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