Multi-Language Support

Monster GO DJ is sold in more than 15 countries so far: Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Dubai, U.S., Mexico and Germany etc. In order to extend GO-DJ to the global market, multi-language support is inevitable so that more users can enjoy our product. In regards to the file name and tag information, GODJ can support almost all languages in the world: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Arabic and Hebrew. In the last two languages, characters are written in opposite direction (right to left) and made implementation difficult.
After receiving many requests from both South America and China, we implemented language options for Spanish and Chinese that changes characters in command or option menu. Here is the Chinese display.

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  1. yasser alyami


    i faced a difficulties in read the name of song in arabic ???
    is their any software update in order to solve this problem
    or do you recommend any implementation on the device to
    read better than the separate arabic Letter show in the screen ???

    1. JD SOUND

      Dear Yasser Alyami
      Unfortunately, GODJ does not support Arabic. I am very sorry.
      We still only support English, Chinese and Spanish.

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