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  1. Brandon

    The effects knobs on the go dj are not eorking and i dont know if thats due to the update of firmware thats needed or if im doing something wrong, any advice?

    1. JD SOUND

      Dear Brandon

      Please check the info below. You can check the detail on P. 79 of the manual.

      Option – Device(3)

      -Beat illumination

      OFF: None
      ON: BEAT LEDs are active (synchronized to the corresponding track)
      Fancy, Extreme: BEAT LEDs are active, and the other LEDs and the screen backlight are also synchronized to the beat. “Extreme” is more intensive than “Fancy”.

  2. Volkan

    Hi i want to buy monster go dj plus from your product but i do not trust the shopping on internet i have a sales dealer in turkey

  3. Nigel Cooke

    Dear Support Team,
    I was looking for firmware updates to my PDJ, are these the same as Monster Go DJ?
    Would appreciate if you can advise,


    1. JD SOUND

      Dear Ram
      Hello. This is Jimmy. I am in charge of Sales for Monster GODJ.
      if you Buyed GODJ is black, it is GODJ LITE Version.
      can tell me your GODJ Serial Number?
      if you want to update to Piano and Guitar, we can help you update.

  4. Aloysius

    Hi GoDJ team,

    Is there a way I can see the full track title by making it scroll across when highlighted or when playing? I have long track names and can only see half of the title.


    Great product by the way

    1. JD SOUND

      Hi, I am Jake and one of JDSound managers.
      I can understand your uncomfortable.
      But, there is no function of scroll.
      So you may find the song name just push function knobs in category folder to see details.

      I will forward this feedback to software team.
      Thank you.

  5. John Slaughter IV

    How do I use my Go Dj with a laptop. Pretty sure that’s what the Line In is for and if not how do I use it while I’m DJing. ( Really hoping I can use with a laptop though)

    1. JD SOUND

      Hi, John. This is Jake.
      I will make it sure John. It is possible that we use GoDJ mixing with Laptop, computer or smartphone.
      In short,
      When you want to use GoDJ with laptop like youtube, connect it to line-in.
      Play it in web – then you can see the category in LCD.
      You can search name of ‘line-in’ and select one side.
      Now you can remix the music with music in GoDJ.

      It is same way to use MIC mixing.
      and you can use it same in smartphone as well.
      I wish I could help you for better.

      Thank you

  6. Justin

    I just brought go DJ 2 weeks ago, im trying to update the software but the update button never pops up.. Serial is

    1. JD SOUND

      Thank you for ask.
      This is Jake.
      Could you check one thing?
      The firmware update file “update.bin” must be in GoDJ driver as a file.

      If you find it is not the solution, Please contact me via e-mail.
      to :
      ps. if the problems goes on, will you record and send a video about that?


  7. Parker Markert

    I just bought this to start my podcast (mixing in intro music, fade outs, mp3 files sound effects, pre-records) would be awesome if you guys made a tips video on using go dj for podcasting

  8. Razroid

    Hello, I have aquired a PDJ with the right side screen not responding to touch (LCD works, just no touch detection), how much will it be for a repair? I am based in Singapore.

    1. JD SOUND

      Hi, this is Jake and manager of Sales & Marketing team, JD SOUND Inc.
      About PDJ, it is previous version of Monster GoDJ. and its warranty would be expired.
      Then, it should be repaired in headquarter in Seoul, Korea.
      But for more information, Could you reply me in email?
      Please send me with information below
      1. Serial Number
      2. Where & When did you buy it
      3. Video or pictures that the screen does not react by touch.

      Thanks and regards,
      Jake Kim

    1. Tina

      I have a GODJ Lite and the right cue/play button isn’t responding but I can load music to the right deck but cant play it. What can I do to fix this??

      1. JD SOUND

        Hi, this is Jimmy and manager of Sales, JD SOUND Inc.

        If you want fix your GODJ, send to our company. but first please send me your GODJ information by e-mail.
        Our company E-mail :
        Serial Number, country, issue GODJ condition any informaiton send to our company by e-mail.

        Thanks and regards,

    2. JD SOUND

      Hi, this is Jimmy and manager of Sales, JD SOUND Inc.

      GODJ-Lite is not included piano and guitar program, but price is low.

      any Frame, button, color except for piano and guitar programs, it’s same machine

      Thanks and regards,

  9. Tina

    I have both the piano and guitar mixer on my GODJ already and it works perfect but the problem is the play/cue button is not working….. I can load songs to the right deck but I can’t use the EQ to switch from deck to deck or press play to mix the songs…. it is broken I believe.

  10. Slaw

    Dear Monster Godj Team,

    Ive got problem with my Monser Godj which one i just purchase. Track analyze is incorrect, i have lots of Tracks on my sd card which i know bpm of them and many of them have incorrect bpm, for example one track should have 128bpm but on Monster Godj have 168bpm, or one track should have 123 and on Monster Godj have 128bpm… Is not happen only to couple of songs, its happen to lots of songs in my library. So its very hard to beatmatch, sometimes is just not possible at all, when i finally set correct tempo using my ears, track after 1-2 second change/loses tempo it self again. I have problem with sync as well: when i try to sync 2 Tracks with auto sync, there is no sync at all, no beat on time, and this happen not only to a few Tracks on my library but to many many songs… I with to start doing smooth mixes but in many situations is just impossible. Can you help me please with this issue. Track You. Regards, Slaw.

    1. JD SOUND

      Hi, Slaw
      Hi, this is Jimmy and manager of Sales, JD SOUND Inc.
      I understand your GODJ Problem, Because, GODJ BPM is just only 1 minute analysis.
      If BPM is different between the beginning and the end of the BPM, BPM analyzes only the beginning part.
      another problem auto sync function; auto sync best play method is play to same BPM song.
      Thanks and regards,

  11. Neil

    Hi I can’t get the crossfader to work, whatever settings on the crossfader it just plays both tracks at the same time. Even when I try EQ the switches go side to side but it still plays both tracks through the speakers or headphones. Is there a fix for this please?

    1. JD SOUND

      Hi, Neil
      Hi, this is Jimmy and manager of Sales, JD SOUND Inc.
      we will send to you detail e-mail.
      Thanks and regards,

  12. chito

    Buenas! estoy tratando de cargar la bateria del pdj pero no me funciona, cambie el cable usb, tambien el conector, que recomendacion me dan?

    1. JD SOUND

      Hi, Chito
      Hi, this is Jimmy and manager of Sales, JD SOUND Inc.
      we will send to you detail e-mail.
      Thanks and regards,

  13. Dominick


    I am trying to download the newest firmware update, but it says the file is no longer available in dropbox. How can I get the link? Thank you in advance!

    That file isn’t here anymore
    Someone might’ve deleted the file or disabled the link.



  14. Guido Planting

    i have a problem with my monster go dj, the headphone does’nt work anymore, on the dispaly its turned on, I don’t hear anything, i tried several headphones without succes.
    I hope you have a solution?

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