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Good news!
 Monster GO-DJ is AVAILABLE in the UK!

Here is a list of stores you can purchase them from:

Buy Monster GO-DJ now at Selfridges    Brighthouse Monster GO-DJ - Buy Now

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  1. Big ads

    Massive massive massive…this unit may be small in size but in power it’s MASSIVE!!!
    I love the GoDj and want to use it safely so can u tell me if I can get the stand in the uk?
    Thanks for an awsome product…!!

  2. Steve Smith


    I recently purchased one of these great little units, but I have a question
    about the number of tracks I can store.

    I cannot find any info about the maximum number of MP3 files I can access on
    the Go-DJ, although I read somewhere that the limit was 10,000 tracks.

    I have a 32Gb SD card, and was told a while ago that the unit could access
    up to 2TB SD cards, if this is the case, a 10,000 track limit seems very

    My main music system, a Denon HD2500, can access around 200,000 tracks, I
    personally own over 120,000 MP3 files (around 700Gb)

    If the Database limit is 10,000 tracks, is there any possibility that this
    limit can be increased in the future ?

    And to confirm, what is the largest SD card the unit can read ?

    Many thanks.

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  3. Paul wild

    Hi I just got my go dj and it’s been updated and that’s fine but I can’t seem to upload music on a Sd card the the unit can play ? Any help pls

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      JD SOUND

      Hi, this is Jake.
      Sorry for bad experience.
      So the problem is music does not exist in SD card after S/W update?
      Guess the SD card will be over 32G. (Normally, the device could not read it automatically).

      I recommend setting SD card for GoDJ.
      It means you need to format SD card.
      In system2, you can do it.

      If the problem rise again, please send me some information about your device.
      my mail : jake@jdsound.co.kr
      1. Serial number
      2. Where and when did you buy it.
      3. The video that can explain your problem.

      Thank you

  4. Patrick Crucial

    Looks good, nice technology .
    Why on Earth in 2016/17 is this hi tech gear only reading MP3 files.
    Makers of media players actually begin to realise there are at least 3 or 4 popular file formats including WMA, AAC ,MP4 ,those lossless formats etc and yes it has WAV files, big deal. What were you thinking when designing this product-lets only have MP3 and nothing else…..Great !!!
    Makers of hi tech gear always seem to forget the most simple of things. Most of my files are WMA & MP3. If your gear could read WMA I would already own your machine. Yes you can convert all files to MP3, who’s got the time ??? Patrick
    PS Please don’t tell me MP3 files sound………most people and DJ’s can’t tell the difference !!!

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      JD SOUND

      Dear Patrick,
      Hi, I am Jake.
      If the device that does not read WMA, I would not use it, too.
      but, GoDJ reads WMA and MP3.
      And we can record via GoDJ only WMA.

      Could you check about it?
      If it doesn’t read WMA, I will tell it to R&D team for A/S.

      Thank you.

  5. David Harvey

    I am having an issue with the Track B screen, where I cannot use the top left corner of the screen where the disc is to go back to the original screen when using the menu. I have tried a reset and firmware update, but no joy. Is there a fault with the screen or the software?

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      JD SOUND

      Hi, this is Jake.
      I am so sorry that you had bad exprience.
      Before checking, could you please share information about your GoDJ?
      We need
      1. Serial number 2. When & Where did you buy 3. pirctures or video about problem

      Please send it to my email address.
      I will check it ASAP
      Thank you

  6. rB)

    This gear is solid! I can mix, dj, auto mix, i got beats, patterns all editable, 6 fx units all tweakable, 2 decks, 2’drum machines, 2 keyboards, a guitar (!?), 2 ext inputs, all recordable, recordings all reloadable and re recordable, its a vortex of spiralling creativity, all digital so its clean too. Built like a tank and the knobs are multifunctional push and rotary and with incremental action so i can do it intuitively. Stop yer moaning and get banging 😉

  7. rB)

    Hi is there support for playing M4A audio files? Its the iTunes standard format, i cant seem to find any M4A files on the SD card when M4A have been copied to it. (8gb Sd card, formatted by GODJ before audio was copied to it)

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