Pioner HDJ 500 Review – Key Features, Pros And Cons

pioner hdj 500

Pioneer has been in the audio equipment business for over 50 years, so it’s no surprise that they know how to make a good pair of headphones. The Pioner HDJ-500 are some of their best offerings yet. They have many great features including: detachable cables (which are included), swiveling ear cups with soft leather padding … Read more

Rcf Tt22a Review: Top Speaker For Music Lovers

rcf tt22a

The RCF TT22A is a two-way speaker system that provides tight, accurate bass and detailed highs. The design is classy, with an attractive black ash finish. A 10″ woofer on the front of the speaker delivers powerful lows while a 1″ tweeter in the center of the cabinet offers clear treble. The 8-ohm impedance ensures … Read more