How To Use A DJ Controller – Easy But Useful Guide

how to use a dj controller

DJs are able to make their job seem so graceful because of the equipment they use, especially the controllers. The controllers, on the other hand, are a frightening sight to see if you’ve ever seen one in person. A large number of buttons, knobs and controllers are included with the machine, which may deter some … Read more

Professional DJ Setup You Cannot Miss In 2021

professional dj setup

Even if you’re just starting out in the world of DJing, putting together your professional DJ setup seems daunting. Before investing in any gear, it’s essential to consider a number of factors. Consequently, you should not miss our article about the Professional DJ setup which can help you build your own Professional DJ setup. With … Read more

Do You Know How To Outdoor DJ Setup? Simple Tips 2022

outdoor dj setup

For novices prepared to buy their first outdoor dj setup, this is the necessary guide. We examine all the possibilities available on your equipment, from connections and speakers to controllers and digital vinyl systems. It might be tough to choose DJ equipment when you start first. It is so difficult to determine what equipment you … Read more