Do You Know How To Outdoor DJ Setup? Simple Tips 2021

For novices prepared to buy their first outdoor dj setup, this is the necessary guide. We examine all the possibilities available on your equipment, from connections and speakers to controllers and digital vinyl systems.

It might be tough to choose DJ equipment when you start first. It is so difficult to determine what equipment you want to add to your setup because you have so much variety and so many brands. Some of you merely may not know some kind of hardware and what it does. DJing may have others that are totally new. This DJ equipment tutorial was created to help you with each step.

We will examine your decisions and we will examine the function of each individual piece of equipment. I’ll also provide you alternative personal experience-based options and recommendations. You may read my companion post to have a thorough idea if you are new to the different DJ setups. Diagrams and complete explanations with recommendations will be presented.

Let’s start with the DJ guide, which is still extremely popular as a classic DJing format. You will know that this is referred to as the typical configuration if you read the suggested article above. First, we‘re going to look at the turntable.

Examples of Outdoor DJing

There are several kinds of DJing outside, gardens, weddings, and even mobile DJing like cycling on a DJ or crazy I know. Below are other kinds of DJing outside of this page.

The transition of the two logs on your turntables is done with a DJ mixer. Many DJ mixers may be quite intimidating for beginners since they have many channels and features. Additional channels and additional features are wonderful to have, but just fundamental functions are needed to make a fantastic combination.

This is the fader that moves to leave or right between the two turntable channels. This is also known as the x fader. The transverse fader is always located in the mixer’s center at the nearest DJ. Crossfaders can wear out gradually, however, a replaceable crossfader will appear in decent mixers.

Guide to DJ equipment

outdoor dj setup

For Garden Party

I had fairly several DJ parties in my time, and a Hawaiian-themed Jardin party stuck out for me. The set-up was much the same as my house in the cave of my music guy.

Extensions cable to get power from home to garden. There was a solid strong table with the laptop and DJ controller on, the speakers underneath my feet were able to cut off the tunes. The weather was a little hit and rain was missing, so make sure you have a bad weather schedule while you’re DJing outside.

Ensure that you have a sufficient cable extension. Do not rely on wireless Internet to use Soundcloud’s Music Subscription Service before you download your music.

Establish some kind of gazebo for rain or sun protection. It somewhat rained for me and had someone above my head holding an umbrella.

Make a backup playlist for auto-play if you wish to have a break with your pals and party a bit with them.

For Outdoor Festival

Hercules DJ DJControl Starlight | Pocket USB DJ Controller with Serato DJ Lite, Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheels, Built-in Sound Card and Built-in Light Show
  • The perfect DJ controller to introduce you to DJing, with Serato DJ Lite included
  • Built-in sound card to pre-listen to the headphones and speaker outputs
  • Control the back, lights on the base: RGB and strobe effects
  • All the essential features: bass/filter, Hot cue modes, loop, FX, Sampler, pressure sensitive jog wheels, etc.
  • Compact and easy to carry wherever you want

Many outdoor festivals are organized, huge and small, dirty and occasionally great.

There is a truly sunny stretch on this bizarre occasion, yet it’s still advisable to acquire a cover to shield from the sun. Screen shines will decrease to allow you to view your DJ equipment with screens and digital displays. Moreover, your DJ devices are covered and you don’t get sunstroke or melt.

Bring your music back all the time. It might occasionally be that you are losing anything when traveling to a destination with plenty of baggage and equipment, etc. The finest thing you did as a DJ is to have a backup of your music.

Take lots of water, as you surely won’t want to avoid dehydration while you boil hot. At least set the Rekordbox on an auto playlist, I mean if you do, just joke!

With an external laptop? Invert the colors of your screen if you get the screen shining, so you can see the DJ program.

Pack a gazebo or parachute to shield against the weather, rain, or shine.

Recording in a lovely place offers us some awesome things online, and Circle is one of them. They accommodate DJs and artists in the most incredible places and forms worldwide, to play DJ sets. In a hot air balloon, for instance, Ben Bohmer Djing.

Cercle is a good example of how we cannot DJ outdoors there are no bounds or places on earth. You could one day DJing at Circle in some insane position, perhaps also outside in the future, be inspired for sure?

DJ on a bike live streaming

Hercules DJ Starter Kit | Starlight USB DJ Controller with Serato DJ Lite Software, 15-Watt Monitor Speakers, and Sound-Isolating Headphones
  • 2-deck DJ controller with built-in audio
  • 2 x 15W RMS active speakers to mix at home
  • Serato DJ Lite DJ software for PC/Mac included
  • DJ headphones to preview next track
  • Tailored for beginners: easy to carry, easy to install

You may know that I adore drum and bass music if you check my YouTube channel. So I was completely on board when I met DJs on a Bike DJing Drum and Bass. How does he live to broadcast, responding to people, cycle, and mixing all at once? Check out the Oxford Cathedral Cycling below. The official DJ on the bike is Dom Whiting. What a myth!


Outdoor DJing equipment

As I understand it, you have two alternatives, static versus portable, for equipment configuration. Below are the common devices you need for both types of installations.

Setup Power choices for equipment. Firstly, there are few possibilities if you want to make a static DJ outdoors here:

Portable DJ setups require a battery pack lasting at least a couple of hours. Depending on your arrangement you will need a couple of battery packs, for example, one to broadcast your mobile phone and one to the DJ Controller.

A fantastic tip to take into consideration when you understand the power you need is the consumption of your gadgets and DJ machines. This means you can choose the right battery power and type for your configuration if you are using portable battery power.

The battery pack should be taken into account. The battery pack, John Simmons says, has been tested and powered by a laptop and a big speaker that lasted a total of 2 hours. You take the test away if you do not have to play DJ out or ride on a bike, but hopefully, 2 hours should be sufficient for you to go to the DJ when you turn up the volume of the music.

Controller for the DJ

outdoor dj setup

My recommendation is to utilize a DJ Controller all-in-one. Especially because you don’t need a laptop and it’s just a DJ unit with it. Particularly useful when you’re on the move and need portable gear.

For instance, if you are a DJ static at an outdoor party, you need a DJ Controller with all-in-one less. You may utilize almost any configuration you must have with the DJ, but keep in mind that less is more. You have to cope with less equipment the better. In the past, I used to celebrate DJ’s garden parties with a basic controller, laptop, and speakers.

One of the most common ways for DJs to get their initial setup at a low price was via a DJ controller. You may just plug in the controller and start mixing if you already have a laptop and speakers. If the controller is equipped with a sound card most have, no further equipment is required to start DJing.

A mixer in the center with all the same controls as a regular mixer is a controller. And on whatever side of your computer, you have your deck to control the music. These function as a multi-player and some of them can link you to USB gadgets. But they’re not permitting you to play CD music.

Headsets for DJ

You’ll need a pair of DJ Headphones as part of your configuration! You may certainly use any old pair of headphones or earbuds, such as those on the phone, but a decent pair of DJ headphones can help you move your set to the next level. DJ headphones have a significantly greater bass response, clarity, and noise insulation, which allows you to concentrate on your mix to easily guide your next track even in a noisy, busy venue. In addition, most DJ headphones provide you the highest levels of comfort which allow you to listen and DJ for hours.

Speakers Active

Active speakers are speakers with an amplifier integrated, which will plug into your blender immediately. They provide the finest value for money and they are excellent for home and mobile DJ use.

All you will need are cables with plug-ins that match your mixer terminals and can easily be plugged in and played. Due to the simplicity and value for money, I constantly recommend active speakers to all DJs. And you have less cable chaos at your house or concert to pose a travel hazard.


outdoor dj setup

I use speakers which are powered speakers, great for a party outside. However, I’d imagine if you want to pursue DJing on the go, such as DJing on a bike and walking around DJing you’d need much smaller and lighter speakers.

Battery-powered speakers:

Powered speakers


My advice would be to prioritize either over-ear headphones mainly for the noise-canceling qualities OR lightweight headphones if you’re on the move DJing. I advocate getting hold of either of the below headphones, tried and tested successfully.

The documents are mostly used to communicate information about the turntable speed, direction, and track location to your computer. It works just like a regular record with vinyl time codes. You may then normally mix, scrape, spin, and cue recordings.

If you want to acquire turntables, you can offset vinyl pricing and select a storage site for records. A DVS is a requirement in this scenario and will save thousands of people. See the article above for further information.

Without discussing the sound system, no new DJ equipment guide would be complete! The main output terminals on your mixer’s back are where your speakers or amplifier connect in. The primary volume of your room is controlled by the main output volume button. Some mixers additionally include a stand output, something that is necessary for mobile or club DJs. This includes a separate volume button on the mixer so that the stand is separately regulated to the main room volume.

Extras optional

Some more equipment you may need to actually push the boundaries of DJing outside includes:

DJs can play outside. It’s doable. Having a cover to protect against rain or the sun is highly recommended for DJs playing outside. Portable generators and battery packs can assist DJs to play outside.

How to Outdoor DJ Setup begin?

Learning how every piece of equipment is mixed and used. Please select a goal and kind of DJ, record mixtures, construct a promotional website, market content, and social media to develop a new one. Continue networking there with individuals, create a follow-up and receive DJ concerts. You will create a DJing company through time and experience.

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